Welcome to Carlsbad

Vacation at home

Hidden 35 miles north of San Diego is Carlsbad. Referred to by the locals as “the Village by the Sea”, Carlsbad has made a name for itself in tourism. Carlsbad’s attractive year round Mediterranean climate and attractions that call it home including The Flower Fields, Lego Land Theme Park and the Museum of Making Music. Carlsbad is a seaside resort city and features luxury 5 star resorts with the simplicity of quiet uncrowded beaches and gorgeous views everywhere you go. Living in Carlsbad is a big as a treat as vacationing here and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Taking it all in

You’ll enjoy driving the curvaceous tree lined scenic roads around Carlsbad, including the famous Coastal Highway 101. You might have to drive, but with a 67 degree average high why not walk or bike? You’ll find Carlsbad residents out and about enjoying the weather daily. Carlsbad is home to some of the best golf courses in the U.S., with long green slopes and gorgeous scenery; it’s very easy to find a peace of mind. Also Carlsbad had the first modern skate park ever built. The 4th of July is best spent at the camp grounds along the coast but get there early to get spot because they go fast.


There seems to be the perfect balance here in Carlsbad. Carlsbad offers amenities and activities abound to keep the mind occupied and the body rested. Why not get used to beach side resort style living? Whether you’re raising a family, student, young professional, or retired there is a place for everyone or a spot on the beach. Come take your place in Carlsbad and bring sun tan lotion because it’s guaranteed to be sunny.

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