Lakeside known for its gorgeous reserves, large pieces of land and its firm intolerance of major corporations.

Welcome to Lakeside

No excuse needed

20 minutes east of the City of San Diego is Lakeside, known for its gorgeous reserves, large pieces of land and its firm intolerance of major corporations, to maintain the rural beauty of the land. It’s been known as “a cowboy town” or “rodeo town” and with small farming still going on within the city limits. You might give into the fun as well. With the completion of Interstate 8, commuting to and from the big city to reach employment centers has become easily within grasp. Though lakeside has come a long way from 1886, the residents have worked hard to retain its charm.


Built around a lake, it adopted the name Lakeside naturally and Lindo lake being at the centers’, true meaning meant beautiful lake. Today there are more than 3 different lakes, newest additions include Lake Jennings, El Captain Reservoir and San Vincente Reservoir. Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary is a 700 acre preserve ran by the San Diego Auburn Society. It is home to a large variety of birds, bird watchers affectionately know it as paradise. There also many horse stables and parks with trails where equestrian riding and all kinds of traversing take place.

Make roots

Very friendly community in one of most well persevered cities in San Diego. Lakeside is a great place to raise a family or vacation away from the noisy cities and crowded beaches. Best thing about Living in Lakeside is the lake’s side. Families that live here or close by, gather here to vacation around the lake for some good old fashioned family fun! Sunny days and adventure are on the menu. People in east county live for their weekends at the lake with family and friends too! Come make yourself at home and establish your roots with some very friendly and outdoorsy people!

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