Ocean Beach

Welcome to Ocean Beach

No Rush

Almost preserved in time, Ocean Beach “OB” has not lost any of its charm from its humble beginnings as just a surf spot. This beach side neighborhood is one of the hidden gems along the west coast. Vetted residents interest revolve around surfing, sun bathing, biking, basically anything that will get them out and about in their favorite town. Ocean Beach has a wide collection of eclectic shopping, diverse population, and has an exciting nightlife. Most residents will sport a relaxed motive and a smile that says I’ve gotten where I’ve been wanting to go.

Enjoy your time

Ocean Beach is your typical city by the sea with Ocean Beach Pier stretching a half mile out in the Pacific Ocean. Most beaches will have fire pits, lively activities, and parties being enjoyed as well annual parades. Most notable will be the Kite Festival with large participation and the Christmas tree lighting parade will take the number one spot. There is also something very rare in Ocean Beach and that is its 24 hour dog park with no leash required. Something your furry best friend can get excited about and some good bonding time.

Going home

Ocean Beach is only a ten-minute drive away from Downtown San Diego, but when compared might as well be worlds away. One being a striving redeveloped glamorous city and the other a friendly laid back beach town. If you think you fit in with the funky vibe and the enjoying the gorgeous day doing outside activities, then Ocean Beach provides just the right residents who look forward to you joining their unique group known as “Obeeshans”, as locals refer to themselves as such.

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