Oceanside boast a popular coastline with events being held throughout the year.

Welcome to Oceanside

Modern city

It is true when said that people like options. Options give us choice and through choice we can attain freedoms. Being the 3rd largest city in San Diego County, the City of Oceanside is filled with options. Having all the resources of a modern city, but without the usual drawbacks. Oceanside boast a popular coastline with events being held throughout the year. Oceanside is the perfect amalgam of great location, well priced land, and multiple amenities for those who enjoy options.

Come play

Oceanside has main attractions but the most visited has to be their gorgeous beach and more notable, the beaches around the pier. South Pier view is the most popular and always bustling with activities. On the beach there are volleyball courts, fire rings, as well as playgrounds making the beach even more family friendly. The Oceanside Pier is famous for being one of the longest wooden piers on the west coast, stretching 1,942 feet out into The Pacific. Activities on the pier range from classic car shows to concerts and everywhere in between. Oceanside Pier is only a stone throw away from the local farmers markets and sunset. Why not treat yourself?

Staying in

Oceanside has been rated by USA Today Magazine for having the second most ideal climate in the United States and then decidedly Oceanside’s climate would be fifth in the world. Safe to say Oceanside is now and has always been on the map with villages inspired by Cape Cod, to the house where the movie Top Gun had iconic scenes. Oceanside has been a striving beach community dwarfing its neighbor in influence and cultural history. Oceanside has become a hot spot in North County San Diego and it’s not hard to see why with so much to offer tourists and residents.

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