Rancho Santa Fe

Welcome to Rancho Santa Fe

The Ranch

Rancho Santa Fe is a wealthy resort city. Just 4-6 miles from the Pacific Ocean Beach, lay 1,700. of highly desired households. Ask the natives and they’ll tell you that wouldn’t leave for “The Ranch” for the world’s weight in gold. With beautiful one to three acre households situated on top of many hill tops with fabulous views of the mountains, valleys, and most sought after, ocean. A large portion is maintained by a non-profit association named The Rancho Santa Fe Association and is referred to as “The Covenant”. Since establishment in in 1927, they have been a main factor in why Rancho has evolved into the 14th most expensive zip code in 2011; reported Forbes Magazine.

Exploring Rancho Santa Fe

Although Rancho Santa Fe is mostly residence, there are still a few shopping blocks, a middle school, elementary and several restaurants. Inside The Covenant, you’ll find a strong sense of community and will notice a much friendlier environment compared to the bigger City of San Diego. You’ll enjoy earning a nickname at your local grocery, as well as join any one or all of the multiple clubs offered to happy locals. The Covenant enjoys a riding club, garden club, community center, art guild, library guild, book clubs, and 50 miles of horse trails to Explore.

Time to relax in The Ranch

Yes, Rancho Santa Fe has come a long way since being sold for humble citrus and avocado groves. Even now a strong community is behind it pushing it even further along. It’s truly become a place focused more on enjoying life then trying to get somewhere in it. Most residents have arrived already. So there may be reasons for rushing to get here, but once here, there isn’t much need to rush again.

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