San Diego Breweries

San Diego Breweries

  • Tiffany Torgan
  • 03/4/15

In San Diego, CA, we are known for many things. One of our favorite things to brag about in San Diego is our breweries. We have multiple delicious breweries that started locally here in San Diego. Most are recently very well known throughout the United States. Certain people like to think it all started with Stone Brewery. Stone is one of the more popular and famous ones as well as one of the original breweries that made it so popular. San Diego now has more than 15 breweries started in San Diego. These breweries are taking off and becoming more popular daily. To name some of our favorites, there is Ballast Point, Green Flash, Pizza Port, Stone, Monkey Paw, Thorn, Mission, Hess, Mother Earth, Blind Lady, Modern Times, Ale Smith, Alpine, Lost Abbey/Port, Belching Beaver, Coronado and Societe. All these breweries have taken a unique approach on beer which has made them the successful and popular breweries they are today. From San Marcos to Encinitas, all these breweries are uniquely delicious and unforgettable! I wouldn’t not reccommend a single one! Depending on the type of beer you prefer, each of these breweries have something for you. Next time you are out in San Diego, I advise you to check out a couple, you won’t be disappointed. For more information, contact us today! 858-459-5478 or [email protected]

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