San Diego Padres

  • Tiffany Torgan
  • 03/18/15
If you are a baseball fan, the San Diego Padres for 2015 are going to knock your socks off! With spring coming early this year because of some amazing weather, people are definitely feeling the excitement of the upcoming San Diego Padres 2015 season! The Padres have not always been a beloved team but this past year the Padres have completely revamped their roster! We are looking good, which in turn is really exciting to the San Diego locals and worldwide fans of the San Diego Padres. If you are visiting or live here, this season will be something you do not want to miss. Some of the key players that are really amazing to our team this year will be Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Will Myers, Derek Norris, and James Shields. These guys are great players with some awesome backgrounds thus far. Matt Kemp was announced the MVP corner two years ago and came to us from the LA Dodgers. Justin Upton is an all around all star player. Will Myers was called “rookie of the year” two years ago. Our long time catcher, Derek Norris was announced an all star catcher for 2014. James Shields was a World Series pitcher in 2014 for the Kansas City Royals, he is now with the Padres and happens to be the biggest free agent contract the San Diego Padres have ever given out. All amazing players will be contributing to our 2015 season which hopes to be an incredible one. Do not miss out on all the baseball fun! Contact us today for any questions!

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