San Diego Roller Coasters

  • Tiffany Torgan
  • 03/6/15
Most people would agree that roller coasters are the best part of attractions and amusement parks. San Diego roller coasters do not fall short of absolute fun on all counts! Our 4 San Diego roller coasters in 3 different attractions and amusement parks bring in people from around the United States, some even the world! They are listed in order of overall popularity. A couple of these roller coasters get loads of attention especially because they happen to be inside the very popular attraction Sea World San Diego! They are called Atlantis Water Adventure that has but a favorite of many locals and tourists for many years now. Sea World’s new addition called Manta has completely blown up! People can’t get enough of it! Another popular one has a lot to do with it’s awesome location of being located in the heart of Mission Bay right next to the water and located inside Belmont Park. Belmont Park is a veteran of San Diego’s amusement parks. People love to spend their day at the bay and across the boardwalk, you can go right into Belmont Park and ride the famous “Giant Dipper” roller coaster. The last San Diego roller coaster is inside the popular attraction Legoland. Legoland houses a roller coaster called the Lego Technic Coaster. It has received a lot of attention from all ages over the years. Roller coasters are fun for the whole family! Questions or comments about San Diego roller coasters or properties? Contact us today! 858-459-5478 or

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