San Diego Triathlons

San Diego Triathlons

  • Tiffany Torgan
  • 03/15/15

Triathlons have become a very popular way of exercising. People have triathlons for events, charities, schools, and much more! They are an awesome way to exercise. Most people spend months and months training for them in advance. A very cool little-known fact about triathlons is that they were founded here in San Diego. The first triathlon was in Mission Bay in 1974. Shortly after, San Diego triathlons became an annual event for many! This annual event was founded by San Diego’s Jack Johnstone and Don Shanahan. The first triathlon was held on September 25, 1974. It included running, cycle, and swim and was located at Fiesta Island. Don Shanahan stated that one funny and memorable experience in the early days was when he went to order the trophies. The trophy maker asked how to spell “triathlon”, at that point, it was not stated in any dictionary. Over the years, many athletes have come to love triathlons, even considered it their specialty. To this day, people still love triathlons and training for them. They say it gives a very rewarded adrenaline rush that they crave. There are no longer only annual triathlons. They are country-wide for a variety of reasons. Any questions about San Diego triathlons? Contact us today!! 858-459-5478 or

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